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Hello, everybody. This is important to me so I’d appreciate it if you share this information. I am unemployed at the moment and finding a job hasn’t been easy. I have things to pay each month that sometimes are too much, along with other necessary expenses: I go to therapy for anxiety issues, I need to get my cat fixed, and last but not least: I need to earn money so I can start transitioning. Top surgery and hormone treatment are things I can’t afford at the moment. Earning from commissions can help me save up little by little, and might give me a little more economical stability. Here is the info:

♦Payment is available via paypal only, to the address seen above in the last picture.

♦Send me an e-mail or a note (via deviantart, tumblr, etc. Doesn’t matter) telling me what you want. I am willing to draw any fandom, your OCs, or any other thing you wish (unless it’s something I consider highly inappropriate). Whatever you’ll want, we can discuss via private messages.

♦If you want me to draw one of your characters, make sure to provide sufficient reference.

♦I will take the liberty to post the finished work in any of my art sites. However, if you don’t want me to do that, please let me know beforehand.

♦I can send the full resolution image to your e-mail.

♦The currencies I accept are US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars and British Pounds.

♦I use different techniques, such as colour pencils, pens, watercolour, markers, ink, and photoshop. All techniques have the same price, but you can ask for a specific technique if you want to. By the way, a shaded picture will have the same price as a coloured one, no matter if it’s in B&W.

So don’t be shy, and commission me if you want anything! If you don’t want to, please be kind and reblog this to spread the word. It would be of great help for me to achieve my dream and cover my needs. Please share, and have a great day!♥

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